WhatsApp Latest Update Brings Search Image Feature and Transgender Emoji

WhatsApp in its beta application rolled out a new update recently. It consists of minor features like a tool for searching images and some new emojis, including the transgender emoji. These updates are, however, available for beta users only. Let’s take a detailed look at the updates.

WhatsApp Latest Update

The Search Image Functionality

This feature allows the users to search for any image on the internet, which they may have received through some forwarded text message. This is just like the search image feature of Google. All you need to do is a long press on the image and the search image option will be visible. Tap on it and you will have more details on the image.

At present, the users of WhatsApp, Instagram and other social networking platform relies mostly on visual information. This has led to the increasing count of photoshopped images marking themselves as real news, leading to an increasing number of rumors. WhatsApp has been criticized a lot for its inability to prevent the spreading of fake news and false propaganda.This functionality is aimed to suppress the spreading of fake news through the popular social networking platform. However, it has not been officially released and testing is still carried out in the beta version of the app available for iOS.

The Transgender Emoji

With the next update scheduled to be released for Android, WhatsApp is also bringing forth the transgender flag, next to the United Nations and the LGBT flag. However, this feature is only available for the beta users and yet to be rolled out in the company’s main application.

The Transgender Emoji
Transgender Emoji

Emojis are a way of connecting people without using any text. WhatsApp has no intention to leave behind the transgender community. This emoji will make the app even more on the transgender community since WhatsApp doesn’t have any emoji to express their feelings. With the use of this emoji, they will no longer be left out.

A bunch of other emojis is to be made available as well for representing other genders. These, however, remains hidden and there is no official news as to when they will be made public. With all the new features rolling out soon in the official app of the company, WhatsApp is also working to improve the Business version of the app for iOS users. The developers are going to add a Short Link feature which will allow the users of WhatsApp to interact in a hassle-free manner with the businesses

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