Is it Worth Downloading ES File Explorer

What if someone told you to use a Windows desktop without a file explorer or a Mac without a finder. The experience would be so frustrating right? You would be manually searching for the folder or application that you want, consuming a lot of time. The same thing is with Android. Most Android devices don’t come with a default file explorer and we have to depend on file explorer apps available at play store.

In this article, we will discuss the ES File Explorer. The app is reviewed by more than 3.6 million users and has a rating of 4.5 stars in the play store. Let’s get on to the details and check if it is worth installing.

User Interface

When it comes to an app that involves file exploring and digitally organizing, the user interface is one thing that counts a lot. If the user does not like the look and feel of an app, no matter how good the functionality of the app is, the user will uninstall the app within a few days.

The interface of ES File Explorer is crisp, minimalistic and follows all the latest trends of User experience design. The color theme is soft, all objects have sharp lines without any clashing elements. Whitespace is appropriately used wherever necessary. You can even customize the themes and layout. Even with all these customizations, the app is fast to respond.

Features of File Management System

The app has all the basics required from a file management app. Developers have done a great job when it comes to efficiency and usability of the app. Some of the important features worth noting are

  • All search results are displayed in real-time. As soon as you enter a character, the search result gets updated. This is quite useful in finding out lost files or finding something buried under a huge folder hierarchy.
  • Long pressing on a file allows you to select it. You can also select multiple files and perform rename, compress, cut, paste and other operations.
  • The app provides built-in support for compressed and encrypted files. It can easily compress large sized files into zip, 7z, and other formats. The encryption is done in AES-256 format which is highly secured. It can also unzip RAR files, however, cannot create RAR files on its own.
  • There is a built-in viewer using which you can previous the different file types. It has an image viewer for previewing images files and a built-in video player for previewing movie clips. There is also note editor for text files and other file previewers.
  • You can also browse through the file system of your mobile remotely using FTP via your WiFi network. Using Bluetooth, you can also transfer files to a Bluetooth enabled device located nearby.

Other Features

Apart from the basic functionalities listed above, there are other features like

  • The app can clean the cached data from your device, freeing up space that was occupied unnecessarily
  • You can create backups of your entire file system or individual files. So that, by any chance, if you perform a factory reset, you can restore your old files from the backup.
  • The app also provides integration with cloud storage services.

Apart from all these, you can also include additional functionalities by installation plugins. For example, if you want to view the files on your Android TV, you can add an ES Chromecast Plugin. In short, ES File Manager APK offers quite a lot of functionalities that comes bundled as a lightweight application. Download it with APK downloader online and give it a try, its really worth investing the space and memory resource.