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PUBG Game To Be Developed At PUBG Corp To Lead Special Projects

South Korean company Bluehole’s subsidiary PUBG Corporation developed and released this immensely popular multiplayer game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG in 2017. The game is inspired from Battle Royale, a war based Japanese film released in 2000. Brendan Greene created this game based on some earlier used mods and it soon got expanded into a standalone game that got vastly popular around the world.

What is the Big News?

Recently Brendon Greene gave out this announcement that he is going to quit the development team of PUBG. The aim behind this is to oversee multiple projects at PUBG Corp. Before creating PUBG, Greene also created several battle royale mods called DayZ: Battle Royale for the game Arma 2. He also worked on the game H1Z1 for Sony Online. It should be noted that PUBG for desktop is developed and released by PUBG Corp, while PUBG for mobile is developed by Tencent Games, a gaming organization based in China. VG247 published a statement which mentions that the special projects at PUBG Corp will now be led by Greene from the company’s office at Amsterdam. He will be the company’s consulting director. The game’s development team will now be led by Taeseok Jang. Previously, Jang was PUBG’s creative director. It should be recalled that PUBG for desktop was released in December 2017, whereas PUBG for mobile was released in March 2018.

What is Greene Saying?

As per Greene, the last 5 years of his life was dedicated entirely to the battle royale. He had an incredible journey that started back in the early days when he was creating mods. Finally, he got a chance to create something based on his vision. That’s when he gave the world PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The journey was quite memorable for him and the game reached heights which he thought impossible. In his statement, he also thanked the fans and the entire team at PUBG Corporation.

The new special projects team which he is going to lead is dedicated to creating new modes of gameplay, tools, new technologies, and pipelines. Together with a team of researchers and talented game developers, they are going to explore new modes of connection and interaction with the game arena. He is waiting to begin a new journey in a new city with a brand new team, play a few games in the meantime while waiting for what the future has in store.

What is New in PUBG?

In the recent update, the Vikendi snow map was added for PS4, PC and Xbox One in PUBG. A new game, PUBG Lite has been launched, which optimized the game for devices with low configuration. Just like any other battle royale game, PUBG also involves 100 players paradropped on a random island. The winner is the last person who stays alive. Although the game is popular globally, the mobile version is the one that is immensely popular these days in India. Since people here have access to smartphones than high-end gaming consoles. Another fact that PUBG Mobile is free is also an added factor for the game’s popularity. Let’s hope that Jang will live up to our expectations and PUBG will very soon see some updates that will blow our mind.